Sony DADC and Singulex Announce Strategic Partnership for Proprietary Detection Vessels

Sony DADC and Singulex Announce Strategic Partnership for Proprietary Detection Vessels

Sony DADC Austria AG and Singulex, Inc. today announced an exclusive multi-year supply agreement covering customized detection vessels designed and manufactured by Sony DADC BioSciences for the Sgx ClarityTM System, an ultrasensitive in vitro diagnostics (IVD) platform currently in development. Utilizing Singulex’s proprietary single molecule counting (SMCTM) technology, the fully-automated Sgx ClarityTM System is expected to detect low abundance biomarkers at levels down to femtograms/mL. The customized detection vessel is manufactured as a one-piece, molded microtiter plate that has high optical transparency, high purity and low fluorescence, all critical properties required for achieving the ultrasensitivity of the Sgx ClarityTM System. The detection vessel is manufactured in Sony’s clean-room environment under ISO 13485 and specially packaged in order to maintain product integrity and maximize cleanliness.


Recently, Singulex announced a co-development agreement with Tecan, a leading global provider of laboratory automation equipment. That partnership will integrate Singulex’s SMC technology and customized consumables onto Tecan’s Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform. With these two critical technology agreements in place, Singulex is now prepared to move forward toward commercialization and clinical testing of the Sgx Clarity System.


“On this project, we have pushed the limits on what is possible in injection molding in order to meet the specifications of the detection vessel,” said Chris Mauracher, Head of Sony DADC’s BioSciences business unit.“ This project was not only about creating a polymer part, but also about providing a functioning detection system for Singulex. As such, this project demonstrates how important it is to bring together engineers and scientists from many companies, all dedicated and focused on the task to deliver the result on time, on target and on budget.”


“We selected Sony DADC BioSciences because the precision needed for ultrasensitive IVD assays requires reliable production of extremely high-quality detection vessels in a consistently clean manufacturing environment,” said Guido Baechler, President and Chief Executive Officer of Singulex. “In our opinion, Sony DADC’s consumables for the bioscience market are of the highest possible quality.”


About Sony DADC

Building on Sony DADC’s experience in high-precision optical disk manufacturing, Sony DADC’s BioSciences division partners with Life Sciences and Diagnostics companies enabling the industrial manufacturing of smart polymer parts. Sony DADC’s global set-up comprises production sites, distribution hubs, digital and service facilities in 19 countries worldwide, including Japan, the United States and Europe. For more information please visit: biosciences.sonydadc.com


About Singulex, Inc.

Singulex is the developer and leading provider of single molecule counting (SMCTM) technology for clinical diagnostics and scientific discovery. Singulex’s proprietary SMC technology enables physicians and scientists to detect biomarkers of disease that were previously undetectable. Powered by SMC technology, Singulex’s ultrasensitive immunoassay solutions and lab testing services are transforming patient care from reactive disease treatment to proactive health management and fueling the discovery and development of new therapeutics.


Singulex provides SMC technology to leading pharmaceutical R&D laboratories, clinical research organizations (CROs) and academic institutions around the world through its Research-Use-Only Erenna® Immunoassay System. The Singulex Clinical Lab Testing Services consist of a CLIA-licensed and CAP-accredited laboratory that currently provides a comprehensive menu of advanced cardiovascular disease testing utilizing SMC technology. Singulex currently is developing the Sgx ClarityTM System, a fully-automated in vitro diagnostics system that will bring the benefits of its SMC technology to hospital and reference labs worldwide. For further information, please visit



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