value-added solutions
The link between traditional media
and new business models
value-added solutions

Physical media is still the most important content carrier for content owners and distributors today.

While embracing new means of content distribution such as the internet and mobile devices, content owners still need to develop and deploy value-added solutions and applications around the physical media. Only by doing this can they maintain their most important revenue streams and close the gap between the traditional business and the new business models.

This is why at Sony DADC, we have invested more than 10 years developing value-added solutions around the physical media. Since starting this process, we have shipped more than 1 billion discs globally featuring our solutions around DRM for Games, Software, Video and Music as well as our eBridge solutions enabling marketing applications and on-disc consumer transactions.

Today, most of the major players in the Entertainment and Marketing industries rely on our solutions to increase their revenue, maintain the value of their premium products and to engage with their consumers.