Monitor your campaigns and releases

eBridge Analytics is a leading marketing solution for online enabled optical media. This intuitive analytics solution offers in-depth real-time analysis, market research modules and closed-loop marketing services, such as opinion polls.

Why do I need eBridge Analytics?
Once a title or campaign is launched, meaningful market feedback from end consumers is difficult to obtain. Campaign planning and preparation means relying on marketing information, trend forecasts and consumer segmentation data. This is forecasting and the reality of the campaign will differ due to the idiosyncrasies of markets, consumers and other hardly calculable factors. eBridge Analytics delivers this missing link  in successful closed-loop consumer marketing and provides a concise dashboard, reporting and exporting features as well as advanced content management features.

For entertainment & software publishers
As a result publishers in the entertainment and software sector can fully leverage online connected packaged media products (CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc) to increase revenues, improve customer loyalty and maintain a competitive advantage.


For brands

Brands and advertisers using optical media within integrated marketing initiatives can fully monitor the success of their campaigns and improve future initiatives by means of Key Performance Indicators, geographical marketing and target group analysis.


Take over the helm with eBridge Analytics!

eBridge Analytics allows you to monitor, analyse and control a campaign through its closed-loop toolbox including media usage statistics, reporting, filtering and data export facilities.


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