Content management
Structure, visibility and
short time-to-market
Content management

content storage
At Sony DADC, your assets are in the best and safest hands. After ingesting the video, audio and graphical assets as well as any associated metadata, we archive your assets in a secure vault, additionally mirror the stored assets and data on two separate locations for disaster recovery purposes.

Our component-based archive provides us with utmost flexibility in the inventory and also serves as an asset repository for replication masters. Thanks to our high level of automation, turnaround times for taking your content to market − digitally or physically − are continually minimized.

Closely linked with the archive, our well-established digital distribution network can be leveraged for each and every customer. As our customer, you can employ our web-based asset management tool to browse and view the catalogue and manage orders.

content clean-up
Visibility into assets and organized metadata is more crucial than ever before with time-to-market windows shrinking and monetization opportunities growing.

Sony DADC provides complete metadata and product configuration for simple and automated archive servicing, reconciliation, inventory management and analytics. Business decisions become faster and more accurate so that content gets where you want it, when you want it – with the speed and accuracy the industry demands.