License model
Helping to grow local business
License model

The licensing model centres on the production of a multi-territory disc and finishing with country-specific paper components as soon as an order is placed. Alternatively, Sony DADC produces multi-territory finished products and holds them in stock.


This service is focused on EMEA, APAC and LATAM regions with local manufacturing, assembly and distribution hubs in Austria, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai, Sydney and Mexico City. Through the licensing agreement, the distributors have access to DVD,

Blu-ray and VCD products and the ability to order small volumes.


Effective ordering and process flows help to streamline the business on the rights holder’s side and help to grow the local business through:


  • Easy and fast direct online ordering system plus short turnaround times.
  • Reduce the overall “time to market” and therefore helps to increase revenue.
  • Reliable and fast track administration of cash flow, money collection and ordering.
  • Reduced overall workload and cost through direct communication.